Bandoneon, Violin, Piano, Guitare, Double Bass


Sensuality and erotica, silence, sorrow, brutality...


...these are only few sides of life you can hear and feel in tango music as an audience on a Piazzolleky Quintet concert. Passion of a Tanguero, balkan temperament and subtile and sophisticated approach of classical musicians of Piazzolleky Quintet you can feel a new dimension of Tango Nuevo and Tango Tipico.

Across the Europe from major concert halls to the clubs (which are the birth place of tango) Piazzolleky Quintet has proven that their unique interpretation satisfies wide range of audience. From Tangueros to all the people who want only the best for their ears and their souls.



Theresa Faus, Tango Dj (Munich, De)
"...This band is amazing. All are excellent professional musicians and they have a well chosen repertoire for dancers. They played, among others, arrangements of d'Arienzo, di Sarli, Fresedo and Pugliese; but they didn't try to copy the sound of these orchestras, they rather played in a personal style with some improvisation, they had a lot of fun themselves, and it really rocked..."


Cumhur Dilek, Tango DJ (Izmir, Tur)

"When you listen them live, you can feel yourself like a member of band...It was really honour for me to share stage with them in Lubljana."

Marjan Drab, Tango šola (Ljubljana, Slo)

"Piazzolleky really understand the melody and motion of tango, its tradiotion and passion. At their milonga we could truly feel all of that."


Barbara Žunkovič, Tango šola (Ljubljana, Slo)

"Their performance unlocks your body and reaches for your soul... even if you resist... even though the seconds before they start to play your mind is somewhere else... They wake up your senses and move you to different place and time and you are not even aware of getting goose bumps. All you wish for is that the song would never end."

Lucio Gobbo, Gran Milonga Sin Fronteras (Ljubljana, Slo)

"Their interpretation can easily be compared to those of great tango orquestas, especially, because they put all their heart and soul into it. This is essential for tango and the dancers can feel it as well. It is a real pleasure to dance to their milonga, that is why/therefore tangueros as well as the others should not miss it."

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TANGO  Quintet  Piazzolleky 
Sensuality and erotica, silence, sorrow, brutality